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Equinox Securities, Inc., a California Corporation, is a global-minded full service independent broker/dealer whose sole objective is “to do it better”.

At Equinox Securities, “it is all about balance,” as we believe that your future success must be built on a solid balanced foundation. Our firm is structured to be your partner and to work with you to facilitate all facets of your business. With more than 50 years combined industry experience, we recognize how the industry has changed, and realize how it has become necessary for your investment strategy and business model to adapt. As a result of these changes, there exists a real need for the truly independent broker/dealer that cares more about you, and your needs, than the bottom line.

“Equinox’s sole objective is to do it better. You owe it to your business/portfolio to make the transition to Equinox today.”
What Makes Equinox Exceptional

Prospective Reps

Equinox’s dedication, flexibility, independence, advanced technology sets us apart from other Firms.

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No Proprietary Products

Equinox does not own any investment products so Reps and Clients aren’t guided down a path that is not beneficial for them.

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Equinox provides a wide range of services from Equities, Direct Participation Programs to Insurance Services for your balanced portfolio.

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